Hi everyone this is my article sent to street chic magazine!!

Hi everyone, My first model name’s Roxanne. She’s 18 years old and is attend to Dawson College and she aspires to be a psychologist. She loves animals and hanging out with her friends. Also, she’s very creative and outgoing person. She has a big heart and really loves helping others. This amazing girl has a style that I love because it’s simple and cute. She’s wearing a gray tee-shirt with some black little spots everywhere on her shirt. For her pants, she has blue denim pants with two holes that she created. She has white vans with a pink sole. Her bag is really big so it’s convenient. It’s brown and really nice.  She also has some sunglasses that are orange with some brown in it. For her bracelet, it’s a Pandora one and it’s just gorgeous. They were no designer exactly found for her outfit. Her shirt is from Urban Planet and it was on sale at 10$. Her jeans were from Ardene at 20$. For her Vans, it was from the Vans’ store and they were 75$. Her purse was from Bizou and it was 40$. Her sunglasses were from Aldo and they were 15$. For her Pandora, the most expensive thing of her outfit is between 1500$ and 2000$.I found her in the street close to a park. The street’s name is Comtois. I really liked her style!


My second model’s name is Alexanne. She’s a student from the Collège St-Sacrement. She’s 14 years old and she’s a dancer. She’s dancing since she’s 6 years old and still love it. She’s in a troupe and with her colleagues, they won a national competition. She’s also playing the piano for a year now and she did a concert of three songs that she’s playing. She’s really loyal to her friends and she keeps every secret for herself. She also describes her as funny, funny and she does not care about what other people think about her. The outfit that she’s wearing is really comfy and also really simple. Alexanne is wearing a white and red lined camisole. Her camisole is from Garage and it’s about 15$ because it was on sale. She’s also wearing a pair of blue shorts that she bought at Stitches and it cost 25$. She’s also wearing a black jacket with some white lines at the bottom of the jacket and at the bottom of the sleeves. She found her jacket at Suzy Sheer and it cost 25$. None of her clothes have a designer but even there she does have style. I found her when I was walking in the Lyon street. I fell in love with her style so I decided to choose her as a second model!


For my last model, I had a little hesitation because when I did not take the picture in the street because I found her in a Garage but I liked her style too much so that’s why I’ m still writing about her style. So, her name is Jenny She describes her as a simple girl who likes fashion but easy fashion. She really likes to put herself together with beautiful clothes and accessories. She’s listening to her friends and she does not ask much. She’s generous and has a sense of detail. I Liked her style because it’s really cute and refreshing. For the top, she’s wearing a vermillion blouse that is open at the bottom of the back. Her blouse is from Bestseller and it cost 15$. She’s also wearing a jeans jacket that is from Garage and the price was 50$. For the bottom, she’s wearing some legging that is also from Garage and cost 25$ For her shoes she’s wearing some Michael Kors sandals that are amazing and they cost about 62$ This girl has a designer and of course it is Michael Kors. Like I said before I found her in the Garage on the Moody Boulevard. I loved her style and I’m glad I met her!

Written by: Britanie

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