It has begun. The 2017 search for Miss Teenage Canada started triumphantly with a party for the fifty-seven regional delegates that was hosted entirely by sponsors.

The Sponsors included the social media aggregator that was fetching pictures from Instagram all night

Hashtagio social media aggregator was set up to show the Instagram feed for #MTC2017.  Just like last year, all the best shots are being collected and displayed on the website in a special Go Behind the Scenes via the Instagram page. business phones, Nortel NetworksThe unique service is co-sponsored by Standard Telecom business phone networks and all week long we are encouraged to use our cell phones and mobile devices to post our best moments using the #MTC2017 hashtag.


the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga was there running an Instagram #MTCSongSolo challenge. We (delegates) were invited to select one of five instruments and record a musical performance on Instagram using the #MTCsongselo hashtag. The prize for the video with the most likes at the end of the night ( or the week? TBD) will WIN a new cordless microphone!


jewellery for women available online across CanadaSuper Adorbs jewelry and fashion accessories will accentuate any outfit no matter your style or occasion. Headquartered here in Toronto, the company sells online all across Canada; Super adorbs is built with feminine style for individual expression. The little bracelet I got is so cute and I’m happy to have it! Super Adorbs jewelry gave us out cute little gift bags


We got our shoes from Nine West. Our shoes from Nine West were on display and we were encouraged to try on the shoes and get our shoe sizes recorded. We get the actual shoes later this week when the orders are sorted.


Rob himself was running the Archer Dental booth and giving away dental supplies, we got a toothbrush with two toothpaste! The package was so cute and it’s always useful to have that, it’s even more useful if you forgot yours at home!


We also got a necklace from Uptothetime! Mine is so cute! It’s like in a ”U” shape form andall in some little diamonds so it’s so cute!!



We got some bathroom stuff from Golden Goddess! They gave us kind of a lip balm that smelling good and they also gave us some scrubbing soap in a heart shape that is so cute!!

Written by: Britanie

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