Hi, everyone! I know It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something and I have no excuses. Well, I’m going to start right now! In the past few days, I went to Boutique Mariclod. In this store they’re selling wedding dresses, gown dresses and more! That’s where I bought my gown. It’s awesome, and because I was going to the Miss Teen Canada the stylist decided to sell me her dress at 50%!!! I was so happy!


Lately, I’ve been organizing a big event to gain money for the kidney cancer foundation! The event was the July 15 and it was awesome!! There were 64 people and I’ve gain 1060$ for the foundation!!! I still can’t believe it but I’m super happy and excited to give them the money! I was doing that for my aunt Hélène that is having the kidney cancer. I love her so much!!



Also the 15, I went volunteering for the ”Défi Triple Jeu”. It’s a baseball competition that I was super happy to be a volunteer. I met a lot of nice people and I had so much fun!! Thank you to everyone that let me do this!!


The last thing I’m going to say is thank you.  Thank you to my sponsors! Thank you to Albert Viau, Affichage Pauli, and Boutique Mariclod. It means a lot to me because it means that you believe in me!!!



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