Hi, everyone! I know I didn’t post for a moment and I’m sorry. I was in a rush of exams and I was really stressed about it. I studied a lot and between I had a show and a competition that I’m going to talk about later. For the exams, the notes are out and I’ve passed them all with a good note. Now that the stress is gone I can breathe and relax a little bit more but I’ve got a lot to do. I’m organizing something that I’m going to talk about in another post.

It’s now been three weeks but I had a show. I was singing a duo with one of my friend name Brandon. I also had a solo that I didn’t mess up but I forgot some lyrics in the middle of the song, oops… At the end, I was happy with my performance. 




My competition was about baseball. I was doing the ”Défi triple jeu” . It’ s a competition of throwing the ball at a target, hitting the ball the farthest as possible and about running in the less time possible. I won the silver medal. It means that I’m going to the regionals that are July the 8. I’m super excited for it.

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