First things first, I’m not talking about my region because I’m not in it. So that’s why I’m talking about my favorite place in Daytona Beach. Anyway, Daytona is for me like a second home because I have a condo there, I know this place really well.

The place I would pass my life, the place where I belong is the beach. Daytona Beach’s beach. First, I need to talk about the sand. The sand at this place is so soft, you can’t imagine how. It’s like putting your feet in some soft baby powder. He’s also super hot so when you’re walking in it’s just amazing. Being there is just satisfying. The perfect sand, these big and beautiful waves, the warm sun and of course the marvelous perfume of the sea. Walking there is a relief. Seeing all those beautiful things and taking some long walks to go to the pier, where you can see dolphins and pelicans are so beautiful.  When you’re going in the water don’t forget to bring your board to be rocked and to bring back towards the sea. A thing I also really like to do when I’m at the beach is reading. Yes, I know by doing this I’m not looking at the beautiful sea but when I’m reading I can relax and listen to the beautiful music that the waves are making. I also like to tan there because the sun is so warm that you just want to lay down and never get up.



When you’re taking these long walks you can arrive at the pier and the boardwalk of Daytona Beach. This boardwalk is so beautiful! There’s a turquoise color everywhere. You can walk there and admire the waves that are way bigger there, also the smell is a lot more strong but so good. If you go under the boardwalk, you can see the clam shells glued at the bottom of the boardwalk poles. If you’re lucky you can also see some jellyfishes. They’re so gorgeous. This place is simply splendid. This place is made for the people who just want to relax or think about everything and even anything. Just being there is like being the ocean. When the night falls there’s an amusement park called Joyland that is all in the spotlight on the beach. There’s a lot of games, attractions, funnel cakes that are so delicious, well food, stores, and a lot of joy.


Joyland is an amusement park where screams, laughs, and fun is always there. There’s a

lot of roller coasters that are super fun to do. There are a great wheel, a slingshot, and a lot more attractions.  There’s also some restaurant that is really good like the Crabby Joe’s and other little restaurants. In these little ones, you can buy some fast food and most important thing is the funnel cakes. It’s so delicious, it’s a cake made of batter that is then fried until it’s crispy and served with sugar. There’s also some volleyball field there. It’s really nice to look at the competitions and to encourage the players. Joyland is really a magical place to go if you want to have fun on the beach.

The beach is the place where I can relax and think about anything. I feel completely free and I’m enjoying every second of it. I like it because you’re so little compared with the sea. It’s so wide and deep that you’re very little when you’re there. The ocean is hiding so many secrets and that’s something I’m curious about. Being in the arms of the water hiding everything can be scary but for me, it’s only fabulous and that’s the beauty of it. The beach is simply my happy place.


Written by: Britanie

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