Lanaudiere? Now where could that possibly be? Lanaudiere is one of the most beautiful regions in Quebec with its amazing sceneries, luxurious nature and rich culture. The region is full of majestic rivers and waterfalls.

The main city in the north of Lanaudiere is Joliette. It is the home of the most important classical music festival in Canada, the Festival de Lanaudière. Most of the festival’s concerts are held in the Amphithéâtre de Lanaudière. This year, it will be the 34th edition of the festival. Musicians from around the world will come to perform at this renowned festival. On the picture on the above, you can see me in front of the Amphithéâtre.

Downtown Joliette, also known as Place Bourget, is a very active plaza. Locals gather there to eat on the terraces of the many restaurants or shop in the boutiques. During the Holidays, the Marchés de Noël offer a variety of little outdoor shops that sell gingerbread cookies, Christmas decorations and much more. In the summertime, farmers sell fresh fruits and vegetables on the plaza and occasionaly, bands play to set a nice vibe.

My favorite restaurant in Downtown Joliette is Le Fil d‘Ariane, shown in the picture at the left. Not only the building itself is beautiful but they serve mouthwatering french dishes and the service is very friendly. My favorite dish is the poutine au foie gras. Simply scrumptious!

I love Joliette very much, because I went to primary school in this city and this is where I made my best friends for life. Tons of memories that I will never forget were made here.

Joliette isn’t my hometown, though. I live in Crabtree, 10 minutes away from Joliette. Crabtree is a town of only 3632 residents. It may be small, but it is a very nice place to live. It is surrounded by country and rivers. My favorite place in Crabtree is the Moulin Fisk, a beautiful historical site along the Ouareau river. It is a beach made of layers of rocks that contain extremely old fossils.

As I already said, Lanaudiere is an amazing region and I would suggest to anyone traveling to Quebec to come and visit this wonderful place. I am very happy to live in such a great environment!

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  1. Mathilde says:

    Look at this merveillous girls, she is my wife, the only one who makes me smile when I see her.
    Sorry for my english,
    you are beautiful i love you my miss teen lanaudière
    Your wife, mathilde (avec un accent)

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