Hi, everybody! My name is Britanie and I’m the new Miss Teenage Lanaudiere 2017. I’m 14 years old and super excited to be in this pageant. I will be posting once a week or more if I have the chance. If you have any questions don’t be shy to contact me or just leave a comment and I’ll answer. First of all, I want to thank my mom because it’s because of her that I’m in this pageant.  


I saw the pageant on my facebook page and thought it was super easy to be in. I told my mom and she said to try it and then tell her if it was that simple. When I sent my first survey I was sure that it was going to stop there but it didn’t! I got chosen for the regionals. I was really excited and when we arrived there I was so stressed! All of the girls that I met there were really nice, kind and so beautiful! I thought it’s just a great experience and everything but finally, I got chosen for the Nationals! I’m super excited to go there but we need to be serious because there’s a lot of work to do. I’m ready to do it and prove that I’m going to be a great model for the society.


Some facts about me:

  • I play the guitar, the ukulele, the piano, a little bit of bass and I sing
  • I love reading or watching horror movies
  • The beach is my dream place
  • I’m an artist. I draw and paint, it’s my passion.
  • My dream is to go on a boat with my best friend and travel on this boat in the Pacific
  • I watch anime and speak a little bit in japanese
  • I have a German Shepherd name Kurby and I love her more than anything else
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  1. Jevanne says:

    Very proud of you! Love!

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