Have you ever wished that fashion was super accessible and inexpensive? Well the host of this show, Daphnee, is here to prove to you that it is! With the help of her Fashionista Crew, she will pick out two amazing outfits per episode. The catch is that both are almost identical! Will you guess which one is the haute couture outfit and which one is low budget? Daphnee, AKA, Miss Teen Lanaudiere, will compare price and quality so that you make a smart decision next time you hit the mall! This fashion maniac will talk about the latest trends with the hottest designers such as Jeanne Lottie and Marc Jacobs, official sponsors of the show. Who will be the next designer guest? Find out soon as the show premieres July 10th, on CTV !

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The Official Sponsors

Why them?

Before each show, Rimmel London takes care of Daphnee’s makeup.  Marc Jacobs and Jeanne Lottie are also sponsors. At the end of each show, a person in the audience will have the chance to win a Jeanne Lottie purse if she can guess which outfit was the most economic.

Why would they be interested?

Daphnee’s closet would proudly advertize these three brand names and they would get time to air their commercials before and after the show. Also, Jeanne Lottie handbags will be selling like crazy and DSC viewers will be flocking to Marc Jacobs stores.

Why should you watch it?

Daphnee’s Smart Closet is a great show where you’ll be taught  how you can be fashionable without making a big hole in your wallet! If you watch DSC, you will be able to compare high fashion clothing with normal, cheap clothing and see what is truly worth spending for. So are you ready to venture in the world of fashion and season trends? Will you be able to tell which floral dress is from Forever 21 and which is designed by Chanel? Well don’t miss Daphnee’s Smart Closet, premiering July 10th on CTV.




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